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Welcome Rock Painting is easier then it looks and addicting as hundreds of thousands of people across america are painting, hiding, finding and sharing rocks. From Elaborate designs to inspirational quotes, painting rocks is a great way to spread some kindness and cheer. We aim to help you in your rock painting endevour with expert advice and member insights. Whether your painted rocks are for your personal enjoyment or to hide in a group. can help get you there. And you just might have alittle fun along the way painting rocks !

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Whether you choose our Classic Kit, our Deluxe Kit or our Super Kit, you'll have the very best we offer for the whole family to enjoy painting rocks in comfort of your home or anywhere ! 

Rock Painting Supplies ? We got em !
 From Brushes to Paints. Aprons to Clear Coat. We can help paint and decorate your rocks as well as protect them for everyone to enjoy !

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P.O. Box 1964
Garden City, Michigan
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